About B 


Tell me if this sounds familiar. I attended school, received good grades, went to college. Sounds pretty standard right? How about this… I was accepted to college, attended my classes, received good grades, studied abroad. I applied for internships. I applied for jobs. I applied for the status quo. I never understood that there was a different way. I thought and truly believed I was heading in the right direction. I never knew that there was a different way to make it in the world.

After studying abroad in over 10 countries and 35 cities, I came home feeling like I could do more. I could be more. The world was so vast and the opportunities and experiences are limitless. I did what every college student would do. I tested my boundaries. I tried something completely unfamiliar. We are the most socially connected age demographic living in the worst economy since the great depression. It is our turn to take the wheel to turn this economy around and make a name for ourselves. If it’s not broke, don’t fix it, but if you keep doing the same thing over and over expecting to get a different result, that is insanity.

So, I have learned to channel my own strengths. 

Which also led me to countless books of which I attribute my success and growth upon. 10x Rule by Grant Cardone gave me the fuel to fire up and start my own business, B Boards. Here’s how:

I worked at an Irish Pub in my hometown. I got the job because my mom kept insisting to the owners that I would be a great addition to their business. Little did I know that a trip to grab some takeout turned into an interview. This wasn’t any interview. I was in sweats and ready for bed and before I knew it I was expoing in the kitchen. It was a test to see if I could take the heat (pun intended). Sweating, confused but determined to make a good first impression I stuck it out and impressed the boss.


A few months pass and I started to take on more responsibility. I started changing the menu boards around the bar. I received so many compliments on my work. I started to write on the free-standing chalkboards outside. I would post a few and receive such great feedback. I learned new skills to act upon and built a following, a sense of identity, and branded myself well. I continued to design these boards and took pictures to show my family my work. My father later gave me the idea to turn it into a business and to call it B Boards. Grant Cardone gave me the belief that I could do such a thing.

B Boards started off by rewriting chalkboard draft lists while working my part-time job. I decide to do more (10 times more). I branched out. I started to style and letter chalkboards in surrounding restaurants. I then gained a following from my hometown and participated in a local fair. I exposed B Boards to my community and the response has been great ever since. I continue to put forth ten times the amount of effort I believe necessary to grow this business and sustain it.

As the business grew I juggled college classes, a part-time job, an affiliate marketing business and a growing startup. My dream was to be successful. I like what I do. I like that I can help make someone’s business better. I like that I have turned a hobby into a source of income. I like that this is solely dependent upon my efforts, my thoughts, and my actions.

I am passionate about taking every experience, every opportunity, every event that occurs in my life, learning from it and applying it to my life. I believe that everything comes into your life for a reason and your life can benefit from each and every obstacle if you strive to find the silver lining. If you strive to find one thing you can learn, one thing you can apply, you have already succeeded. I can create the life I have always wanted. I have the power in me to do whatever it is I set my mind to. I have the ability to make it happen for me.

If you would like to follow my business B Boards my Instagram & Twitter are @byBboards.

Thank you for reading my story.