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Everyday Livin'

Updated: Sep 7, 2018

As some of you know, B Boards isn't my only gig. I also own & run a restaurant with my family. Between the two B Businesses, sometimes it's hard to find time to sit & unwind. But it's a life of adventure and as they say "when it rains, it pours."

Clear Your Head

I don't wake up too early, but not too late. There is a time that is just right after working on your feet for 12 hours the day before. A hot kitchen in the summer is brutal on your body. Kudos to all the chefs out there that do it day in & day out. But getting up and making time for yourself is important. Yes, your overall health is crucial in maintaining a balanced lifestyle, but your mental health is what will get you through the day. Sometimes, a little cardio session to kick off the day is just what your mind needs to allow it to be able to become the problem master later in the day.

Here's a great article on the correlation between mental health and exercise. HelpGuide.Org

Make a List

This works best if you start the night before. Jot down a few things that need to be done the next day. Keep it in a planner, a binder, a journal or even on a piece of paper on your desk. In the morning, read the list and start to accomplish your mini-tasks for the day. The thrill of crossing something off is enough of a reward for getting it done.

Evernote is a great resource for those who like to keep their "To Do Lists" with them on the go. It hooks up to all of your devices & syncs in the cloud.

Get it Done

Sometimes it is best to start with the project you are most avoiding in efforts to make your progress move along a little quicker. I usually start by prepping most of my boards because that isn't the creative part of my craft. I then move to the projects that spark joy. My to do list dwindles much faster doing it this way. Then, once I reach the end of my list, I sit down and make a new one for tomorrow.

Priorities: Boniello's

If I follow this routine during the day, during the evening my time is devoted to Boniello's. This week in particular we are involved with St. Mary's Church's Carnival. We have been delivering pies about twice a night every night since Monday. I have been checking in, making sure the staff has change, the proper tools they need for their shift & handling catering orders. Then I retreat back home where I unwind, discuss ideas & issues with my business partners who just so happen to be my parents and then reset for the day coming.

Finding time.

If something means something to you, you will find time for it. Whether it be taking time to go to the gym, catching up with an old friend or even just a quick date to the movies, I appreciate my time off from my businesses. I also appreciate the quote, "Work Hard, Play Harder." After all, we deserve it.

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